Request Form

Request form is required to be filled in order to process all academic studies and project admissions to our company. After the admission of the request, our project managers will get in touch with you with the information they obtained from your request form regarding processes and to answer your questions if there is any in order to inform you about the details. The request form should be filled out completely and as precise as possible because of the fact that evaluation. And the work process will be managed in accordance with the information provided on the request form. For this reason, filling the form detailed and precisely has critical importance.

In Person Interviews

Before filling our request form, you can get in touch with us for the questions you may have via e-mail, phone calls or by getting an appointment for meeting in person with our project managers. However, it should be kept in mind that all of the above-mentioned communication is for informative reasons only and does not have any binding effect on the evaluation of your project. The projects that do not have a request form will not be processed.


All the admissions you make through filling out the request form via our website will be evaluated by the expert teams of EDUCASE Academic Counselling Center. Our experts will get in touch with you regarding all the information and documentation needed for your projects via e-mail or phone call. However, all information or documentation should be submitted via e-mail in order to be processed. Only the written information you've provided will be taken into consideration, all information you may reveal during the face to face meetings with our project managers will be discarded. For this reason, it is critically important that you make sure that all the information you will provide via the request form or e-mail is precise and correct.


The price offers are presented to you in accordance with the information and documentation you've provided on your request form or the e-mails. The contact information you have provided will be used in all the interaction that is made with you during the processes. Therefore, it is critically important for you to provide correct and complete information on your request form so we can present the price offer on time and start the process without losing time. All the details regarding the payment methods and the study will be presented to you in detail on the offer we present you as a PDF document. However, you can ask for alterations on this written information before or after accepting the offer. For the latter instance, it may be necessary to cancel the price offer and the workflow presented to you and for preparing a new price offer encompassing your request changes. Price offers are not only prepared with the subject, but also with the page number and delivery date taken into consideration. On top of these aspects, all information and documentation you've presented will be taken into consideration as well as with all the parts of the study being added to the total pages as well.


Delivering the price offer via e-mail to the client is not enough to begin the work process. The client should also approve the price offer via e-mail and make the initial payment presented in the price offer. If the date of the payment and the approval exceeds the date required to begin the study which is presented in the price offer, the offer will be canceled. In the case of the price offer cancellation, a new price offer will be presented to the client if the client asks for it. For this reason its critical to notice the dates presented in the price offer.


The study process begins after the initial payment is made within the time frame given in the price offer. During the study process, all steps given in the price offer are pursued. If the information on the price offer is asked to be changed by the client after the study process has begun, the existing price offer will be scrapped and a new price offer will be presented.If the client requests additional services without changing the initial price offer, separate price offers will be prepared for the additional services and will be presented to the approval of the client.


All the information presented in this section, is for informative purposes only. All processes will be carried out according to the clauses in the user agreement. Further information can be obtained by examining the user agreement.