1. Why should I work with your company?

EDUCASE Academic Consultancy is a brand under the umbrella of CASE Consultancy LLC. Our company has the capacity for supporting all academic studies thanks to the collaboration it has with the expert individuals in their fields and academics. Today our company possesses a professional team whose quality and the skills are well proven on their previous work. Thanks to our team we can guarantee that the work we do for you will be original and will have the highest quality. Therefore you can reach the best results by working with us.

2. Can you explain your confidentiality rule?

Within the scope of our confidentiality policy and the confidentiality agreements we sign with our experts, your information will not be shared with third parties or companies. The information regarding the project will be transmitted to our expert team using the double-blind technique. In other words, neither our clients nor our expert teams personal information are open to each other or to the public. The confidentiality of personal information is out of our respect towards you and our work. It is also one of the fundamental parts of our job.

3. How will I be able to request a study?

Its required to fill a "Request Form" on our website in order to your study to be taken into evaluation. If you wish to get more information or ask questions you can call us from 0216 510 23 38 or send an e-mail to For more information please visit the "Procedure" segment on our website.

4. How is the pricing performed?

The pricing process regarding your studies is performed with taking a lot of aspects into consideration:
* The field of the study.
* The type of the study.
* The length of the study.
* The scope of the study.
* The language of the study.
* How much the research and source does the study require.
* The required expertise level for the study.
* Costs of completing the study.

5. I do not want to register some of the information on the request form. What can I do?

For the request form to reach us, the mandatory lines have to be filled out. The other fields are optional however it is important to present details regarding your work for the work on your study to start as soon as possible. It is also important for our service quality. That's why as a company, we recommend all fields to be completed in detail.

6. What happens if I want to make changes while the study continues?

The work on your study begins after you've confirmed the price offer presented to you. If you wish to make changes outside the conditions presented to you on the price offer, an e-mail to us will be sufficient. Following your e-mail, the necessary evaluations will be performed and your previous request form and workflow will be cancelled and a new offer or an additional offer will be presented to you for your requests. Following your confirmation of the offer, the changes you have requested to be made will be done in your study. For more information please check the procedure section of our website.

7. Can I request a second study while my first study is in progress?

You can make as many study requests as you need. The wide arrays of experts in EDUCASE Academic Consultancy we work with are able to perform unlimited amounts of studies at the same time.

8. How long does it take to complete the studies?

The studies will be completed within the timeframes you've asked for. The shortness of this duration does not constitute a problem of delivery, however, will affect the pricing process.

9. When my study is ongoing, can I get information regarding it?

All information regarding the state and the process of your study can be obtained by an e-mail to or a call to 0212 236 22 73. Our project managers will get all answers for your questions from our experts and will inform you.

10. What if I dont like the study you send me?

If the reason of your dissatisfaction regarding your study is not caused by the information and documentation we have asked from you and their deficits and if it does not exceed the limits specified on the price offer presented to you, corrections will be done as soon as possible without creating any liability for you with your consent. If you wish to get more information regarding this subject we recommend you to examine the user agreement.

11. How can I use the study you send me?

All kinds of studies you've requested can only be used for assisting your research and/or serve as a reference. The responsibility of using these studies outside of the purposes mentioned before does not belong to our company. All services you receive are built upon this aspect and every individual is considered that they are informed and accepts this rule upon requesting a service.