Descriptive and Inferental Statistical Methods

Although many statistical methods have been developed and examined to interpret and organize data of study, these methods are divided into two categories as descriptive and inferential. Descriptive statistics are used to explain and summarize data. In other words, descriptive statistics; It is a statistical method that ensures that the data are arranged, summarized and made understandable. Descriptive statistics are applied using two techniques. These are the process of summarizing or editing data using raw scores. For this purpose, it is generally intended to show the scores of the entire data set using tables or graphs. The second technique is to summarize the average of the data. Thus, based on an average that represents all the scores in the data, instead of hundreds of points belonging to a variable.

The second general category is inferential statistics. Inferential statistics is a method that allows the generalization of the data of the sample to the population. Inferential statistics is a statistical method for examining data and generalizing the population. It is often not possible to examine individuals in the entire population in research. Because the population can be large enough to cover the entire universe. The method used in such cases is to select a smaller group to represent the population, that is, to select the sample and to generalize the results of the data obtained from the sample to the population.