a) This contract is assigned by Erdil Arsoy (will be addressed as the company from now on) and CONSUMERS who requests services and/or consultancy that takes place in this contract and who have used the services of Erdil Arsoy (will be addressed as the client from now on).
b) TA NO: 69721198496 Erdil Arsoy. Official

a) The mentioned company prepares all-example qualified studies like activities supporting education on demand (like education guidance, consultancy, test evaluation, organizing student exchange programs, test papers and question bank preparation that supports education outside of curricular). 
b) As it is stated in this contract, the clients are obligated with providing all the information and/or papers that the company demands thoroughly and correctly and is obligated to do all the payment that is requested by the company according to the client’s demand and that is notified on the PDF completely and on time.

a) The Request Form on that is prepared by the company in the means of preventing any kind of loss of rights for both the company and the clients must be filled by the clients. However filling the Request Form doesn’t mean the work will be started. 
b) In case the client fills the request form incorrect and/or incomplete, they have the right to apply by emailing to address and making change. However, by that the quality of the service will be changed as well, the company has the right to set a new price or to cancel the request.
c) The company will send the determined price and the procedure of determining price in PDF document form by taking attention on the request form that they received and the change demands before the price presentation if there is one (This document will be addressed as PDF document from now on). The client must notify by emailing to address or must pay the first payment that is stated in PDF file in case of the client accepting this offer that they received. The company has the right to cancel the price offer they made and to reoffer price and/or to cancel the request in case any kind of change is demanded on the PDF file by the client.
d) The date of delivery and payment is stated in the PDF file and every information and/or document sent to the client by email is considered as service/job.
e) Following the last offer made by the company and approved by the client, in case of not paying the first hire-purchase payment on the date and hour, the company has the right to call off the request without any obligations.
f) The service will be started to be given within following the two work days after the first hire purchase of the payment that is decided by the company and approved by the client is passed on to the bank account that is mentioned on 7(a) of the contract and especially after the procurement of any kind of document and/or information that is seen as necessity to give service and is demanded by the company.
The responsibility coming from any inconvenience of procurement of the said documents belonging to the client, it will be accepted as the execution will be made impossible by the company. In case of not complying with these conditions, the company holds the right of cancellation of the contract.

g) In case of any wrongdoings on the ongoing and incomplete projects if the said wrongdoing is a result of the client’s wrong information at the beginning and/or aftermath of the service, the responsibility belonging completely to the client, there won’t be any changes on the service by the company since the quality of the service will be changed. Being able to make the readjustment depends on, if and only if it is requested any changes, the client being obligated to fill a new request form and receive a new price offer to make this readjustment.
h) The company having the right of protracting for 12 months the said service in case of the client not paying the payment on time and date that they have agreed on about the service that is ongoing and started, the client binds and agrees on paying 50 TL penalty clause for each day of delaying. Also the company reserves the right to cancel the service and send all of the remuneration to bailiffs in case the client does not pay any of the hire purchase or delay it.
i) In case the company does not receive a feedback from the client through info@educasedanismanlik.comemail address, the company will accept the service and/or the work hitherto is completed within 20 work days after every job that is started under the conditions within this contract and that is delivered. Since the service is considered as completed, all the payments that are accepted by the client will become past due. 
j) The client can send their demands through email address without the necessity of filling a new Request Form in case any change on the conditions on the PDF file and/or additional services to the conditions and/or service demand is made by the client before the service is started. The company has the right of requesting a new price offer and not accepting these demands.
k) This contract does not give a right to delay the service payment date and hour to the client for any service if the readjustments and/or deficiency is removed that the client requested within the first 20 work days after the delivery of the said service.
l) In case of the client demanding to remove all the readjustments and/or deficiencies email address within the first 20 work days after the job is delivered, the company reserves the right to use extra time in the range of time that is determined for the service on the PDF file starting on the date demanded for every service that is stated in the client’s PDF file.
m) On the services that is started according to this contract, until the deadline of the service and within after the first 20 work days of the delivery of the service, the client is considered as they accepted this contract without the necessity of another contract in case of demanding making changes for the job in accordance with the PDF file before the beginning of the job and/or additional services to the conditions from the client and the company reserves right to make a new price offer and/or to cancel the offer for the additional services and/or job offers.
n) The company, in the means of boosting the service quality and serving better, reserves the right to delay for 20 work days for every service on the PDF file.
o) Every price offer that is stated by the company being based on the project; a discount is cannot be requested on one or more of the amount of page, subject, method etc. qualifications by criticising these parts for changing and/or removing.

a) The company accepts and binds not to share any personal information about the clients’ with third parties or institutions if it’s not necessary or obligatory. 
b) All the studies run by the company is conducted with the double-blind method. 
c) The company accepts and binds that they won’t share any personal information with the individuals who worked in the service and/or took a place in the service if it’s not necessary or obligatory.
d) The company accepts and binds not to share any personal information about the individuals having worked on the said service or having contributed on the said service with the clients if it’s not necessary or obligatory.
e) The company cannot be held responsible for the tangible and intangible damages and results that are caused by the client sharing information with third parties and all the responsibility belongs to the client.
f) The company reserves the right to not keep and/or store information, file and supplies of job that they delivered to the client in the means of protecting privacy. 
g) The client accepts and binds not to make use third parties any kind of work, information, and file that is run by the said company. Since the said service is specialized for the client, the client cannot use the service on the same purpose or put on sale for third parties. Otherwise, the client accepts and binds to pay 100 TL penalty clause for each day of the violation.

a) Individuals demanding on meeting at the company address taking place in 1(b) of the contract must certainly make appointments from the company through phone and/or email.
b) The date and hour of the appointment will be decided by the company in accordance to the client.
c) Interviewing with the clients coming without an appointment is left the employees of the company to decide and the company takes no responsibility for the damage coming from not to communicate with the company.
d) The company reserves the right to cancel the appointments of the individuals who do not apply the date and hour of the appointment. The first ten minutes of delaying at the appointment hour will not be considered. 
e) The company reserves the right to not giving another appointment with the conditions given in 5(a) article for those who canceled the given appointment twice and was late over ten minutes for the said appointment.

a) Since the service and/or consultancy given with this contract is a service/goods that is made in accordance with the client’s demands, the right of withdrawal cannot be used.
b) The company, if they require, reserves the right to cancel the work and/or service at any stage and not to return any payment taken

a) Outlays paid by the client can only be done through debit, bank wire, or EFT. The official company account for the bank wire in order and EFT: TC İs Bank, IBAN NO: TR26 0006 4000 0011 0890 6814 77, for Erdil Arsoy.
b) In the outlays paid through using bank wire and EFT by the clients, the payment will be done as long as it is put into the company’s account. The company, if they require, reserves the right to start the service without taking any kind of payments. However, this situation does not mean the next job/service after this service will be started without any payments. The company reserves this right. 
c) In the frame of this contract, the client accepts and binds to pay 50 TL penalty clause for each day in case of not paying the payable claim on time.

a) The company reserves the right to not accept service requests coming to their way and/or not return to the Request From coming to their way. The requests not answered within 20 work days are considered rejected.
b) Erdil Arsoy always reserves the right to make any changes in this contract.
c) This consumer contract is considered accepted by the individuals whom got service from the said service and/or consultancy and/or any kind of service from Erdil Arsoy.
d) Individuals who filled the Request Form are considered as they have read the Consumer Contract and as they have accepted the consumer contract explicitly mentioned in the request form.
e) The company not using a right as a resultant of a violation of this contract, not using or delaying authorisation and power, does not mean giving up on any rights on this contract or does not obstruct to use this right later or does not obstruct to use right, authorization and solution following this Contract’s violation. 
f) The company is not responsible for the information, file and materials delivered by the client getting lost and/or being stolen
g) Every work being prepared by the company being in the quality of example and/or reference, the company cannot be held responsible for the legal and/or juridical crimes as the result of the usage of these works.
h) In case of one of or a few of the provisions in this contract being invalid, illegal and inapplicable under any law or adjustment, legality, validity and applicability of the rest of the laws are not affected by this or not harmed by this.

The unrealising of the service that is the subject of this contract under legal and factual situations constitutes vis major. In case of the entity of vis major, obligations as a resultant of this contract are delayed until vis major is removed.

a) The company accepts and binds to be as in peace as possible with the clients and show the maximum effort on solving problems under legal incompatibilities in the framework of this contract and service.
b) The client reserves the right to apply to Arbitration Committee For Consumer Problems or Consumer Court on legal incompatibilities in the framework of this contract and service for the solvation of the incompatibility.
c) Istanbul Courts, Enforcement Offices, Beşiktaş Arbitration Committee For Consumer Problems are authorized for the legal incompatibilities as a resultant of this contract.